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Hi! About your comment on my post that idk how to respond to; couldn't one say instead that people only want to be brothers with other people when they want something? Like I didn't mean whites and blacks specifically but every culture has borrowed (or stolen or improved on ideas i guess) from other cultures, you know?


howdy :) we all borrow from one another all the time, and adopt practices and patterns and a plethora of things into our own lives, based on what we’ve learnt from others. That’s a good thing. We’re equal human beings, but unique at the same time. It’s a good thing, because then we live life in full knowledge that we rely on people beyond those who look like us, or talk like us; because a tonne of valuable things are actually outside of our pre-existing camp. I like how God or the universe or whoever/whatever we choose to believe in, has arranged the order of things on earth. But here’s a sobering truth: a lot of stuff have been stolen and presented as being an innovation or discovery by groups of people other than the original folk. You’d sometimes have to do a fair bit of digging to find out that stuff like Caesarean sections and many other practices we use today, were already being used throughout some parts of Africa back in the 1800’s; and many other Asian nations, even centuries prior to then. Though sometimes things aren’t explicitly stated as being discovered or pioneered by one group; by the subtle omission of its origins, you still control the rhetoric around that thing and can indirectly give the impression that it’s from anther place. We’ve so far, done way more stealing than borrowing. It’s only borrowed if you give credit where it’s due, when you adopt it. I love all peoples of all colours/ethnicities etc. but I am far from happy about how many White people (of power/influence) have spent several centuries cheating non-Caucasians out of what is rightfully theirs to stake a claim on. And the reason that this is still relevant in 2013, is because not only does it still happen today; it also happens in more subtle and therefore, sophisticated ways; and we help sustain certain stereotypes and ideologies due to a lack of care. What is known as ‘White privilege’ is how we preserve such trends, particularly at the ground level where you and I are at. Apart from a minority, the bulk of everybody (of all colours, myself included) should admit a measure of fault for where we are. Ignorance due to a lack of knowledge is okay. Ignorance due to a lack of care and honour, isn’t. I’m not sure what your skin colour is, but it gets hard for non-Caucasians to look at our ancestors’ histories and assess our current state of affairs; and not feel a pain in the pits of our tummies. We are living in a very very bad time. We are a disconnected civilisation, us human beings. Stuff like dreadlocks are beautiful; but for many, were really only actually deemed so, when they saw another White person with dreads. And that is what is called ‘White privilege’..something can’t be good or relevant until it’s had some kind of Caucasian stamp of approval. And it’s seldom ever explicitly stated. It’s always subtle. From fashion photographs, to media coverages; the rhetoric that White is somehow the best, and the standard for what humanity is, is shocking. People who aren’t victims of this, will find it hard to spot initially. But once their attention is brought to it, further failure to see is usually discomfort with going against a norm that they’ve spent all of their lives so far, being a beneficiary of. So it’s no longer that they can’t see, but that they don’t want to see. White privilege is a type of oppressive comfort zone. And it’s insidious; but unlike any other comfort zone, it actually sustains its existence on the oppression of others, and not the person them self, who is comfort-zoning. It’s not fair, because racism is in no way different from ‘White privilege’. The latter is probably far worse, in fact. What was once racism, proven the acts of many White ancestors; is today sustained by their descendants (sometimes even unknowingly) via ‘White privilege’. But by and large, these two things are one and the same. I love seeing dreads on people of ALL colours. Dreads are a majestic hairstyle to me, and people who have a problem seeing a White person with dreads should shut up. I absolutely LOVE to see ideas and practices and styles and fashions go beyond where they originate, and be embraced by others. But I will always be saddened by the theft of such things. Theft being, giving little to no credit for where it originates; and further still, giving no honour (in other, even unrelated contexts) to those who created it. Hence why I said many people only wanna be homies when they want something. Many White people prefer non-Caucasians only in the context they feel to tolerate i.e. the contexts they can derive some form of benefit from. But anything residing outside of those lines of demarcation; and we’re relegated to being negligible, once more. This is precisely why many Native Americans take issue with trends based on their culture, being adopted by certain fashion companies. The corporations and fans call it being ‘acknowledged’. Anyone who cares to pay attention, calls that bullshit. Because aside from not really crediting where these fashion inspirations were derived from; Native Americans are still marginalised in other contexts of American society. This isn’t cool beans, in my eyes. Of course though, there’s way more to it, and it’s far more complex than I’ve laid out. I don’t wanna come off like I’m trivialising these things in any way. I believe things can change for the better, though. I believe in us, as humans. And I feel grateful to personally know some White folk who are just lovers of people; and see humanity first, character second, and who honour both the differences and uniqueness in accents, languages, skin colours, cultures etc. that are different from their own. Such a human (irrespective of skin colour) is a gem in my eyes. But by and large, they are still part of a minority; because let’s face it, a lot of non-Caucasians are convinced that you are to combat racism and privilege with racism and privilege. This was never really a black or white issue; it is a humanity epidemic. oh lol and I’m not adept at Tumblr either haha so I totally feel ya. There’s likely a few typos and grammatical errors